Immigration Bail Specialists

We have an unrivalled track record for succeeding on Immigration Bail applications nationwide.

We provide a nationwide Bail Application Service for detainees at the following Immigration Removal Centres:

  • Morton Hall
  • Yarl’s Wood
  • Dover
  • Campsfield
  • Brookhouse
  • Colnebrook
  • Dungavel house
  • Harmondsworth
  • Haslar
  • Pennine House
  • Tinsley House

Bail can be granted by a Chief Immigration Officer or an Immigration Judge at a hearing of the First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber).

Bail Application

For a successful bail application you will need an address and at least one surety who can offer some money as a guarantee to the Tribunal that you will abide by the conditions of your bail.

It will be up to the judge to decide on the conditions of release. The law does not say that you must have an address or sureties, but your application may be weaker without them.

Bail Application Specialist

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