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Making a child abuse compensation claim could be the first step towards obtaining justice for the wrongs committed against you.

We at Liberty Solicitors understand that abuse in childhood can have profound effects on your life – both physically and emotionally. It could be years before you are able to fully acknowledge the painful events that took place, and even longer before you decide to make a claim for compensation. Our abuse solicitors will always deal with your case with sensitivity and compassion. We offer a No-Win No-Fee Agreement so there is no financial risk involved if you are not successful.

Empowering victims of abuse

Claiming compensation for abuse is not only empowering for a victim, it can provide the platform for recovery and healing through:

• Bringing the perpetrator to justice;

• Preventing other potential victims from being abused;

• Encouraging other victims of abuse to come forward;

• Obtaining financial compensation for medical support in relation to resulting physical conditions. This support could include access to specialists beyond the limited NHS resources;

• Obtaining financial compensation in relation to mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, psychosis, addictions, personality disorders, anger management or other issues. This support could include access to doctors, and specialist psychotherapists and psychiatrists – beyond the limited NHS resources;

• Obtaining financial compensation for specialist emotional and out-reach support. This could include access to psychotherapists that specialise in cultural and religious issues, self-esteem and trust issues, social anxiety, relationship issues, addictions and substance abuse;

• In some cases you could obtain compensation for loss of earnings.
A mother of a child abused at school, discusses the impact of specialist abuse therapy on her daughter’s development following the abuse.

Do you have a compensation claim?

You may be entitled to make a compensation claim if you have been subjected to abuse by someone who was in a position of trust. This could include a parent, carer, community worker or professional.
We represent claimants bringing child abuse claims such as those involving:

• Sexual abuse: Rape, indecent assault, undesired sexual behaviour, being forced to perform acts, and being photographed;

• Physical abuse: Physical injuries or punishments, being restrained;

• Psychological abuse: Fear of injury, emotional trauma associated with threatening behaviour, intimidation, insulting or humiliating behaviour;

• Neglect: Failure to provide protection from harm, failure to provide adequate food, water, heating, housing or access to medical care.

Who can I claim against in a child abuse case?

We can advise you on how to claim compensation either from the perpetrator (or their estate) or from the organisation that employed them.
An individual could include a parent, relative, foster parent or other person.
An organisation could include:

• Care homes

• Hospitals or other medical facilities

• Local authority-run community groups

• Religious organisations

• Charitable organisations

• Other community groups such as the Girls’ Brigade, Boys’ Brigade

• State or public schools, including boarding schools

Can I make a compensation claim through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority?

You may also be able to make an additional claim under against the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. Our legal experts on abuse and compensation can guide you through the process.

Is there a time limit to make a claim?

There are time limits for bringing claims for compensation. Time normally runs from the event that led to the harm being caused. However, in child abuse cases it is recognised that there are a number of factors that may prevent an individual from bringing a claim for many years. Therefore, child abuse claimants are given more time to bring a claim but that time is not open-ended. Therefore, it is important you contact a solicitor as soon as possible to obtain advice about bring a compensation claim, to ensure you obtain justice.

Can you change your law firm?

If you are concerned that your current solicitor is not a specialist in child abuse compensation claims or you feel that you are not receiving a good level of service, contact our abuse lawyers today to discuss your case.

Because child abuse claims can be complex it is important to work with a solicitor who specialises in this area.


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