Our expertise:

Care proceedings

  • Children Taken into care
  • Social Services involvement
  • Non-accidental injury to children
  • Death of a child
  • Allegations of sexual abuse
  • Allegations of neglect
  • Allegations of failure to protect
  • Allegations of domestic violence
  • Allegations of high risk
  • Allegations of poor parenting
  • Pre-birth assessments
  • Section 20 agreements for foster care
  • Contact with children in care
  • Police Protection Orders
  • Emergency Protection Order Applications
  • Interim Care Order Applications
  • Secure Accommodation Orders

Emergency injunctions and orders - same day service

  • Emergency Injunctions
  • Prohibited Steps Orders
  • Return of Children
  • Emergency Residence Orders

Family proceedings

  • Residence Orders
  • Contact Applications
  • Applications by Grandparents
  • Special Guardianships Orders
  • Adoption
  • Removal from Jurisdiction


  • Divorce
  • Separation
  • Cohabitation disputes
  • Civil partnership disputes
  • Property and financial disputes

International Child Abductions (Hague Conventions)

  • Is your child being kept overseas against your wishes?
  • Are you worried that your child will be taken overseas without your consent?
  • Has your child been taken overseas without your consent?
  • Have you brought your child into the UK from abroad?
  • Are you being denied contact with your child overseas?
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Care Proceedings and Family Law

We strongly advise you to contact Liberty Solicitors immediately at any time if social services contact you in relation to any aspect of the care of your children. We are one of the regions leading law firms and have unrivalled expertise in advising parents or carers where social services allege non-accidental injury to a child, neglect or abuse.

Social services may become involved as a result of:

  • Referral by a GP, doctor or nurse at hospital because of a non-accidental injury eg. broken bones; swelling to head; or burns; failure to seek treatment; broken ribs; bruising; sexual assault etc.
  • A disclosure made by your child to a teacher at school
  • Removal at birth because you or your partner are assessed as high risk
  • You have had previous children taken into care
  • Allegations of sexual abuse or convictions, neglect or poor parenting
  • Inability to parent because you were in care
  • Domestic violence between you and your partner
  • Death of a child in your care
  • Allegations of failure to protect and social services wanting to carry out a pre-birth assessment

Contact us immediately at any time if social services:

  • Are removing your children on a Police Protection Order or an Emergency Protection Order
  • Are not allowing you to take your newborn child home from hospital
  • Want to undertake a pre-birth assessment
  • Have given you a PLO letter
  • Have asked you to attend a Child Protection conference
  • Have placed or threatened to place your children on the at Risk Register
  • Have asked you to attend Court as an intervener in Care Proceedings
  • Want you to sign a s.20 agreement for the placement of children with foster carers or family

If the police want to interview you about any allegation related to your children, speak to us first in confidence before agreeing to be interviewed. We provide free 24 hour expert advice and attendance at the police station.

Family law
We have unrivalled expertise and experience in providing advice to parents, relatives or grandparents on all type of family proceedings matters involving children such as contact and residence orders. We can respond immediately and on the same day to an emergency such as obtaining a Domestic Violence Injunction or Prohibited Steps Orders – if a threat has been made for the removal of a child from your care or a child has not been returned back after contact. We are proud to claim return of a child to a parent within 1 hour of attending our office. If you have been served with any papers involving your children contact us immediately.

Divorce and separation
We provide a fixed fee service for all matters in relation to divorce and disputes involving matrimonial assets.

Legal aid is available for all cases involving social services and cases involving domestic violence subject to very stringent conditions. In all other cases we can provide you with a fixed fee quote.

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Immediate response 24 hours a day / 7 days a week

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