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Liberty Solicitors is a specialist law firm.  & has rapidly become a highly distinctive law firm Available in Bradford, Leeds and West Yorkshire that is not afraid to take on challenges that would daunt many others. The firm’s ethos is to ensure that the ordinary person has access to good quality legal advice as public bodies, insurance companies & multi-national companies which has led us to take on many a David & Goliath legal struggles for justice. It is the combination of being leaders in their fields of law & calculated risk takers that have helped to build Liberty Solicitors reputation & to make it stand out from its competitors.

The lawyers at Liberty Solicitors are given freedom to pursue difficult or unpopular cases that push the boundaries of the law which may be of little interest to other firms to champion the rights of those facing the Justice system & victims of injury. Whether it be in the field of immigration law, serious crime or accident law, this passion for the practice of law has been a key to the firms direction & success.

We are committed to achieving access to justice for all to secure fair trials & just outcomes by providing first-rate legal advice. Our first priority is always to clearly understand the needs of our clients as every individual case has a unique set of circumstances. We thrive on the challenge of the most difficult & unique cases.

We aim to build an open, honest & supportive relationship with our clients combined with objective professional advice & expertise. All our lawyers are passionate about their work & determined to achieve the best outcome for their clients no matter what obstacles they face. We believe attention to detail & case preparation is the cornerstone of success.

The firm has never been afraid to challenge the system whatever the size & nature of the case & prides itself for standing up for victims & suspects where others may have let them down. We have a reputation for our commitment & proven ability to get results especially in the spheres of immigration law, serious crime & accident law by providing practical advice.

We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week in Bradford, Leeds and West Yorkshire to offer advice when it is needed most.

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